Special Interest Tourism

Here are just a few ideas for special-interest tours:

    Bet Shean
    Archeological Dig at Bet Shean
  • Archaeological Experience
    Couple a series of lectures by world-renowned experts with work on an actual archaeological dig in Jerusalem, Bet Shean, Ein Gedi, Bet Guvrin, Bethsaida, Yodfat, or Tzippori.
  • Middle-East Geopolitics
    Meet and hear lectures by public figures on all sides of today's Middle-Eastern scene. Delve into geopolitical and military history of the region.
  • Military History
    As scene of military conflict for some 3,500 years. Most of the "super powers" of each period have been here, and have left their marks which we can follow.
    Dairy Computerized Dairy Management
    at Ortal
  • Agricultural and Agro-Tech
    See our modern technology in hydroponics, animal feed systems, dairy herd management, etc. Experience that symbol of Israel - the kibbutz.
  • Industry
    Dead Sea Works have developed technology for manufacture of magnesium from water. Intel chose Israel as site for its first off-shore wafer fab plant. We're pioneers in hi-tech. Choose your area of interest, and lets explore it.

So tell us what interests you and we'll be happy to develop a program spot-lighting that subject.

Note: Most special-interest tours include some general and religious historical content as well.

So, you want action in your special-interest tour?

Please Contact us or drop us an e-mail at info@Nat-Tours-Israel.co.il to start the process.

 The disabled should not miss-out we specialize in tours designed especially for the physically-challenged.