The Jewish Travel Experience

Dear Rabbi or Jewish Community Leader,

One of the beautiful things about Judaism is that there are so many ways in which we might identify with our rich heritage. No matter how deep you feel that connection is -- or how much deeper you would like it to be -- a tried-and-proven means of strengthening that identity is to visit Israel with friends and family.

A tour with Nat-Tours-Israel is far more than sightseeing. Together, we will delve deeper into Jewish roots, tradition, and history -- both ancient and modern -- in such a way that you will leave with an infusion of strength and pride in your heritage. Travelling is an opportunity for family members to bond, and for family units to bond into a congregational "family."

At Nat-Tours-Israel, we ask you to take an active role in planning your trip. The following are a few of the countless possibilities which may help your imagination take off:

  • A visit to the Western Wall includes an in-depth study of what it represents to the Jewish people.
  • Masada's message is a "must." We'll learn this message and also discuss its "flip-side" -- the reconstitution of the Sanhedrin.
  • Tzfat, too, with its many ancient synagogues, packs a powerful message. Together, we'll unravel that message, including kids with the use of a self-guided game.
  • A favorite for all ages is "Tzippori-Live", in which actors help us to understand Tzippori in the time of Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi.
  • Shabbat can include Services and Kabbalat Shabbat, complete with explanations for any and all who desire.
  • A visit to Yad Vashem is an opportunity to discuss not only the Holocaust, but also the rebirth of the Jewish State. After thousands of years of persecution and exile, we are here today -- in our ancient homeland -- sovereign and free!
  • A collective Bar/Bat Mitzvah observance can be planned at one of many meaningful locations if any of your families have children at the appropriate age.
  • In the Elah Valley, see the Biblical battle between David and Goliath brought to life with members of your own party playing the roles.


So, you want action in your congregational tour?

Western Wall
Prayers at the Western Wall

Tzfat: Caro Synagogue

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 The disabled should not miss-out we specialize in tours designed especially for the physically-challenged.