Israel Bat Mitzvah Tours

Celebrate your daughter's Bat Mitzvah 
with an individually-tailored Israel Bat Mitzvah Tour
And her trip is FREE OF CHARGE!*

Bat-Mitzvah at Robinson's Arch
Bat Mitzvah at Robinson's Arch

Our competitors would have you join a big-bus group. You have no input into the planning of that group's trip--its their dates, program, sites and activities. Your daughter's Bat Mitzvah ceremony is one of many celebrated at the same time.

Nat-Tours-Israel does your daughter's "Bat Mitzvah Tour of Israel" YOUR way. You have full input into the planning of your stay, and for an average-size family, cost is similar to what you'd pay to join a big-bus Bat Mitzvah group. Your tour operates on your dates, includes the sites and activities you prefer, uses the standard of accommodations you want, operates at your pace, and allows you to modify as we go.

Allow us to make your daughter's special day the beautiful, emotional, and meaningful experience that she and all of your family will remember for the rest of your lives. A Bat Mitzvah in The Promised Land is sure to be a meaningful and memorable experience. As the center of the Jewish world, our Land of Milk and Honey is the perfect place to celebrate this wonderful simcha.

Your Israel Bat Mitzvah Tour might be for only your immediate family, or it might include grandparents, other relatives and friends for a very special family experience.

Again -- the Bat Mitzvah girl is FREE OF CHARGE* -- including hotels, touring, activities, meals -- EVERYTHING included in the family's itinerary is FREE OF CHARGE* for the celebrant.

  • Israel is blessed with a vast selection of sites of historical importance and natural beauty--any of which can serve as the perfect backdrop for your daughter's Bat Mitzvah ceremony. Among my favorites are:
    • Robinson's Arch which is at the Western Wall of Temple Mount
    • Sherover or Goldman Promenade with all of majestic Jerusalem as your backdrop
    • The Wall of Life on Mt. Scopus, with another great view of Jerusalem
    • Mt. Meron in Galilee, where mystical tradition says the Messiah will first arrive.
  • And why must the celebration be a stuffy event? Lets instead:
    • Be hosted in a Bedouin tent for a real Bedouin Hafla dinner (kosher)
    • Charter a yacht and celebrate with dinner on the Mediterranean, Kinneret, or Red Sea
    • Enjoy a celebration in one of many scenic Nature Reserves or historic National Parks
  • Your daughter's Bat Mitzvah ceremony can take many forms. We work closely with you to design the ultimate ceremony that will 'speak' to your daughter and all of your family.
  • We work with some of Israel's most-experienced Rabbis who will consult in the planning of your daughter's ceremony, and will officiate--making it a truly memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Pick the dates that work best for you and your family.
  • Choose hotels that suit your taste and budget.
  • Select the activities that you will most enjoy.

Allow us to arrange every aspect of your daughter's Bat Mitzvah Tour of Israel according to your every wish -- at a cost similar to places in a large group trip, and her stay is FREE OF CHARGE!!*

Please contact us or drop us an e-mail at to start the process.

 The disabled should not miss-out we specialize in tours designed especially for the physically-challenged.

*No charge applies to one Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah youth per integral family, using parents' or siblings' room in hotels, ground expenses only. Minimum family size may apply.