Family or Private Tours


Perhaps you've been to Israel previously, and feel that you've "been there, seen that, and done it"!

...Or maybe you're "turned-off" by the feeling of being "herded-along" with a group, and you'd like it more leisurely.

...You might have a special family event--Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Wedding Anniversary, for example--that you'd like to celebrate in a special way and group tours can't do that.

Whatever your motivation, our Family or Private-Group Tour is for you! As with any of our tours, we begin planning with a blank sheet of paper and your personal wish-list. If you have come to celebrate a special occasion, our entire tour is built around that event and we take care of all arrangements so that you can relax and enjoy.

See our FREE BAR MITZVAH offer

See our FREE BAT MITZVAH offer

So, you want action in your tour?

Please Contact us or drop us an e-mail at to start the process.

 The disabled should not miss-out we specialize in tours designed especially for the physically-challenged.

Now its up to you! Let us know how you want your private tour. Once we have your input, we will be happy to work with you to build an unforgettable experience for you.

Bar Mitzvah
Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall

van and Nat
Private Touring with Nat