So-You Want A Little Action?

Many people look upon an Israeli tour as "serious stuff" only. Sure, a visit here can be "heavy" or it can be as much fun as you're "up" for! Consider some of the following "Action Elements" for inclusion in your trip:

  • Kayak, tube, or raft down the mighty Jordan River.
  • Swim or squba dive with the dolphins - unique to Israel.
  • Enjoy Bedouin hospitality in authentic surroundings.
  • Discover Red Sea underwater life using snorkel or scuba.
  • Adventure meets Biblical history in Hezekiah's Tunnel.
  • "Dig" Israel - Participate in a real archaeological dig.
  • Horse and donkey trips through the scenic Galilee hills.
  • Survey the Negev wilderness from atop a camel.
  • Visit an Israeli Army, Navy, or Air Force Base; meet the soldiers; see demonstrations of equipment in use.
  • Float in the Dead Sea.
  • Rappel at Keshet Cave or the Judean Desert cliffs.
  • See Israel from light-plane, helicopter, or hang-glider.
  • Sail our Mediterranean coast in an exciting Tornado boat.
  • Go "off-the-road" to explore the desert or the mountains by jeep, safari vehicle, or mini-tractor.
  • Enjoy some sun on the beach, a relaxing dip, a game of tennis, or even 9 holes of golf.
  • In short - All the action you can handle!

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Jeeps in the Galilee
Photo Courtesy of Ayelet HaShachar Jeeps

White Water Rafting
Photo Courtesy of Jordan River Rafting Ltd.

Camel Rides for the Kids Too!


 The disabled should not miss-out we specialize in tours designed especially for the physically-challenged.