Nat Zitomer
Nat-Tours-Israel is owned and operated by Nat Zitomer. Nat was born in the United States, and holds a BS Degree from The University of Maryland. He immigrated to Israel in 1977, and cultivated an interest in Israel, and a love of it-in all the facets of its history and heritage. His professional involvement in tourism-as a Licensed Israel Tour Guide and an Israel Touring Professional-built on this deep personal interest. His many years of work with visitors to Israel has brought an enthusiastic following of happy clients. Some of their words follow:


Dear Nat,

We would like to thank you for the wonderful tour and Bat-Mitzvah ceremony you organized for us. The itinerary had the right mixture of sightseeing, history, adventures, celebration and relaxation. All activities were well organized and conducted in a timely manner. The Bat-Mitzvah ceremony was even better then we expected. It is hard to describe all details. I can only say that we will cherish these moments for a long time.

In addition, I would like to touch one more important subject -- finances. The price for the trip fit our budget. Most likely, it was not the cheapest on the market, but it was worth every penny we paid. There were no surprises, hidden costs or complicated agreements. If we plan another guided trip to Israel, there will be no question for us what tour company to select. We would definitely go with Nat Tours Israel once again.

Thank you once again,

Mark, Bianna & Michelle

Thank you for a most informative trip. We appreciate your patience, enthusiasm, and passion for your nation. 
H. M. Group

Thank you for giving us your all. You were a special blessing to me, and your knowledge made the tour a different experience .
E. W.

As you were telling us the history, I felt so much more than just history from your sharing. It was like you allowed us to see inside your heart and feel what you feel for your country. I thank you again for sharing those special parts of yourself with us. 
J. G. 

Thank you so much for the beautiful way in which you organized our son's Bar Mitzvah and our first meeting with members of the Israeli branch of the family.
L. K.

I never expected to learn so much. And your love for Israel was so evident-it poured right over into my heart. I thank you for sharing that love and allowing us the opportunity to feel that same love for your country.
J. G.

I want to thank you for the part you played as our guide. Your knowledge of Israel and her people is incredible! There were several extra things you did that meant a ton to me-especially sharing the Sabbath meal with us. Thank you for a great memory.
R. Z.

Our lives were touched by our time with you and I like to think that a friendship has begun. I want you to know that I admire the zeal you have for your job.
K. H.

It was a pleasure being a part of your tour with the J. E. Group. As said many times while 'in-country', you absolutely outdid yourself. Thank you for your dedication.
J. B.

We were very pleased to have you as our guide in Israel. They were unforgettable, and have deepened our faith and broadened our understanding of the culture, history, and life in Israel.
D. T. Group

I want to thank you once more for the excellent job you did in introducing me to multiple facets of the jewel, Israel. My comprehension could not have been so extensive without your guiding my mind, eyes, and ears to so many new experiences.
A. T.

Thank you very much for this very inspiring and unforgettable trip. We will all have good memories of Eretz Israel-The Holy Land. Lets do it again together next year.

This was the most memorable holiday / pilgrimage for me-completely humbled by my fellow disabled (in the physical sense only). I loved your country and cannot wait to return.
J. D.

With renewed thanks to you for all we have learned and for the way you joined in with the group and helped us in so many ways.
M. P.

I am so very grateful to you for all your help with our tour last November. I know that you came to it with little previous experience of disability, as I came to it with only scant knowledge of Israel and a lot of trepidation as to how everything would work out. I need not have worried. I thought we made a great team, and there was a good deal of warmth and understanding that I very much appreciated.
J. P.